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Buriti oil – little-known, very valuable

Vegetable oils conquer not only culinary market, but also for few months now they takes over cosmetic market. We like to test them, because are safe, natural and very nourishing. Luckily for us (or sadly, because the greater choice, the greater problem) there is a lot of vegetable oils.

How to correctly apply buriti oil?

Buriti oil is more and more frequently used as a cosmetic dedicated for hair and scalp care. Why? Because it provides immediate effects and contains a lot of nourishing ingredients. How does treatment with buriti oil look like? Before application of every cosmetic oil, including buriti oil, you need

Is buriti oil suitable for hair care?

Hair oil treatment is a well known and liked method. Not everyone uses it, but surely everyone heard about it. However, it is usually described by enumerating quite popular cosmetic and sometimes even food oils. Let us introduce exotic oil, which is rarely mentioned in the subject of hair