Benefits of buriti oil for hair

Buriti oil is extracted in the process of cold pressing pulp or seeds from fruits of the moriche palm. Obtained this way product should be unrefined, because otherwise it loses all of its properties and ingredients. Obviously, it needn't to be explained that fully organic oil has the best influence on hair and scalp. What are the benefits of treatment with use of this cosmetic?

To describe future effects of the treatment with buriti oil, we need to start with enumeration of ingredients contained in the product. To those ingredients we count in: substances preventing free radicals and fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. They are responsible for good hair and scalp condition. The ingredients influence not only their external appearance, but also inner hair structure, hair bulbs and skin cells. Those substances restore split ends, moisturise dry streaks and provide optimal conditions for development of follicles. Buriti oil prevents excess sebum secretion, regulates work of sebaceous glands, prevents greasy scalp and dandruff. Hair are ensured with healthy appearance and beautiful gloss. It helps to tame wild streaks, makes combing and stylisation easier and hair are more liable to hairdresser's treatments. At the same time, buriti oil protects hair and scalp against harmful factors from external world. Those can be: sun radiation, salty or chlorinated water, dryness causing ingredients in cosmetics, frequent colourisation and blow drying.

The dream effects of treatment with buriti oil are provided only when its performed correctly. Most of all, what counts is regularity. Hair oil treatment should be executed twice a week after thorough hair wash. The cosmetic shouldn't be applied on dirty scalp, because then oil is unable to work properly. Buriti oil apply on the entire hair length or the hair ends alone. Two spoons of the product are enough - you have to rub them in hair and scalp. During the treatment can be performed massage for stimulation of blood circulation in skin, ventilation of hair bulbs and epidermis cells. Next, on hair put on a towel to create heat that will support absorption of nourishing ingredients contained in buriti oil. After more or less 30 minutes to one hour, wash the hair and dry them.

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