How to correctly apply buriti oil?

Buriti oil is more and more frequently used as a cosmetic dedicated for hair and scalp care. Why? Because it provides immediate effects and contains a lot of nourishing ingredients. How does treatment with buriti oil look like?

buriti-oil.jpgBefore application of every cosmetic oil, including buriti oil, you need to wash your hair. After all, you shouldn’t apply cosmetic on the oily scalp. Anyway, it is done in similar way with application of moisturising night cream or make-up: you have to first cleanse skin of face and do the peeling or apply fruit tonic. The same is with buriti oil administration. So that product could have better action, you need to wash your hair with shampoo. Depending on the chosen method of hair oil treatment, hair need to be dry or just damp. Only then you proceed with application.

The amount of buriti oil should be chosen accordingly to length, porosity, type of scalp and level of hair damage. For long hair two table spoons are enough. Administer oil evenly on the entire hair length with particular attention to ends. Part of the dosage can be applied also on scalp. Here, helpful can be massage. It will improve blood circulation in skin cells, oxygenation of epidermis, boosts absorption of active substances in the follicles and additionally provide relaxation. For even better effects of the treatment, put on a plastic cap and a towel or warm cap. Skin will generate heat, which improves cells metabolism and absorption of ingredients contained in buriti oil. After at least half an hour, wash hair with delicate shampoo, i.e. without SLS in the composition. To finish the treatment, dry hair or leave them to dry on their own. You can also apply leave-in hair conditioner or buriti oil only on hair ends.

What results will you achieve with buriti oil? Hair will be glossier, smoother and soft in touch. On top of that, streaks become more liable to stylisation and wild strands are going to be easier to tame. Hair ends will be regenerated and moisturised. Furthermore, scalp will also gain a lot from the treatment. Irritations and dandruff will disappear. Buriti oil helps preventing improper work of sebaceous glands, reduces excess sebum and prevents greasy hair. Inner hair structure of hair and hair bulbs will be nourished and strengthen. First effects are to be expected after few application. After finished treatment, hair and scalp condition will improve visibly.