Nanoil argan oil, when hair needs more enhancement than buriti can give

Buriti oil is a source of saturated fatty acids which are essential for one group of hair: low porosity hair. If your tresses have different porosity, are damaged and need repair, you must use a product like natural Nanoil argan oil. It is cold-pressed, unrefined, organic so it has amazing beauty benefits, not just in hair care!

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What’s worth knowing about Nanoil Argan Oil? Check its qualities and why it’s a serious rival of buriti oil.

Buriti oil vs argan oil

Buriti oil (or simply, palm oil) holds lots of saturated fatty acids which is its biggest problem because it means the oil works for the least common hair type. It is not an universal, natural product, which puts argan oil on a position to win.

Not only does argan oil work for almost every type of hair and for skin but it is also much lighter. Buriti oil at room temperature is more like butter so it’s likely to make hair greasy, weigh it down and it’s hard to apply. Argan oil is much easier to use and is better absorbed.

The best oil extracted from argan nuts:
cold-pressed, unrefined, organic Nanoil argan oil

What makes Nanoil argan oil the best choice for those who value skin and hair care in line with nature?

  • cold-pressed
  • unrefined
  • 100% organic
  • cruelty free
  • free from parabens
  • Ecocert certified

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All these features of Nanoil argan oil make it a first-class natural cosmetic. It contains 100% of ingredients found in argan nuts and that’s why it’s known as golden oil. Not just for the color, but for the effects as well.

Nanoil argan oil – a light oil for big problems

The lightweight formula is a big plus of argan oil in the Nanoil line. There aren’t any extra substances inside so it’s ultra-light and well-absorbed. This makes the application smooth and simple, therefore, you should regularly use it for:

  • hair: dull, thin, fragile, damaged, thinning, splitting, not growing
  • face: aging skin, prone to dryness, problematic, acne or discolored skin
  • body: sagging skin, cellulite, lack of sufficient moisture, irritated, coarse, dry skin
  • nails: weak, brittle, split, growing very slowly, ridged nails

Nanoil argan oil comes as a remedy for all these problems!

It is a natural emollient, that is an ingredient which keeps sufficient level of moisture. Thanks to strengthening the hydro-lipid coat, which naturally protects the skin, it keeps skin from going dry. Besides, it’s a natural sunscreen which guards against the solar radiation. Argan oil also has anti-oxidative effect and thus prevents skin and hair aging. It is great for hairstyling because it has heat protective effect and helps to manage unruly hair. At the same time, it improves hair appearance in a very simple way: by giving velvet-like smoothness and healthy gloss. Regular use pays off because its nourishing effect and the power for repairing both skin and hair are overwhelming. You need to see and feel the effect on your own skin and hair!

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How to use Nanoil argan oil?

The application of Nanoil argan oil isn’t at all difficult because of the very good consistency. You need just a couple of drops to smooth them over the hair, scalp, face or body skin (depending on the body part you want to enhance).

One bottle of Nanoil argan oil has 50 ml (1.69 oz) and it allows you to use it regularly for 4 or 5 months.

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